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Elite Trainer; USATF Certified; CI-CPT; NSCA; Biomechanics

Elite Trainer; USATF Certified; CI-CPT; NSCA; Biomechanics

Elite Trainer; USATF Certified; CI-CPT; NSCA; BiomechanicsElite Trainer; USATF Certified; CI-CPT; NSCA; Biomechanics

Developing Hybrid Athletes

Promoting Healthy Growth


 Citius Sports Performance (CSP) helps athletes grow tougher for competition mentally and physically. We focus on Developing and Mastering each athletes Skills by designing a fully customized plan to meet every athlete’s goals. It is our ultimate objective to provide an opportunity for athletes – from Beginners to the most Elite - to grow and strengthen their skills while building confidence in their abilities. 

Elite Knowledgeable Training Expertise


 Leveraging years of experience and success, Citius Sports Performance is designed for all athletes from beginner to Elite. The program will teach both the fundamental pillars of the sport as well as the most advanced explosive strengths (ie: Rate of Force Development), Drills, Speed, Agility, Biomechanics, Core Stability, Strategies and more. The program cultivates our client’s desire and special aptitude to become stronger athletic competitors. We will work together keeping you on track and motivated to adopt a winner’s mindset. 

Your Success Is Our Goal


 We understand that adapting to new training routines can be difficult. That is why we provide education on how to make scientific sports training a part of your lifestyle. Research shows that sports contributes to not only our health and well-being, but the achievement of broader social benefits as well, including a sense of community and greater self-esteem. Practice healthy habits and build a healthy lifestyle with CSP

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